Mavericks Update:
Setting A Default Paper Size

Mavericks PrinterThe Mac Admin reader David noted that the preference file and key referenced in Setting A Default Paper Size no longer manages the default paper size setting in OS X v10.9 Mavericks.

The new file is

This makes the new preference domain: org.cups.PrintingPrefs

The Key that governs the preference remains the same: DefaultPaperID

The values remain the same, repeated below for your convenience.

Paper SizeString
US Legalna-legal
US Letterna-letter
JIS B5jis-b5
Envelope #10na-number-10-envelope
Envelope DLiso-designated-long-envelope
Tabloid Oversizearch-b
ROC 16Kroc16k
Envelope Choukei 3cho-3-envelope
Super B/A3arch-b-extra

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