Email to SMS Gateways

System administrators may find themselves wanting to send SMS messages to mobile devices for a variety of reasons, such as sending over the air enrollment invitations to devices to be enrolled with the Casper Suite. Many carriers, though certainly not all, employ an SMS gateway that allows email messages to be received by the carrier’s gateway and in turn transmitted to devices as SMS messages. In some cases, MMS messages are supported as well.

Addressing a mobile phone number through one of these gateways is accomplished by sending an email to <phone number>@<carrier’s gateway domain name>. For example, a Verizon Wireless phone with the number 212-555-1212 can receive SMS messages at the email address

Below, find listed the SMS gateway domains I have been able to find for official iPhone carriers. Where I’ve been able to find the pertinent information, I have noted carriers with special considerations, such as an activation process. The note “difficulties reported” indicates domains that are frequently referenced as not working. If your carrier isn’t listed below, I recommend contacting their customer service line to find out if they offer an SMS gateway. if they do, ask for the domain name and whether activation is required. If you discover any domains not listed below, I’d appreciate a comment on this article so I can update it for future reference.

AT&T (SMS)txt.att.netUnited States
AT&T (MMS)mms.att.netUnited States
Boost Mobilemyboostmobile.comUnited States
C Spirecspire1.comUnited States
Cricketsms.mycricket.comUnited States
MetroPCSmymetropcs.comUnited States
Sprintmessaging.sprintpcs.comUnited States
T-Mobiletmomail.netUnited States
U.S. Cellularemail.uscc.netUnited States
Verizon Wireless (SMS)vtext.comUnited States
Verizon Wireless (MMS)vzwpix.comUnited States
Virgin Mobilevmobl.comUnited States
• Note the absence of .au
VodafoneService not offeredAustralia
Virgin Mobilevmobile.caCanada Kingdom
• Difficulties reported
United Kingdom
• Include +44
• Must activate by texting "EMAIL" to 2020
United Kingdom
• Difficulties reported
United Kingdom
• Include leading "0" in number
• Must be activated via customer service line or account web portal
• May not be functioning since joining EE alliance
• Unverified
United Kingdom
Vodafonevodafone.netUnited Kingdom
• Use leading 0
Telekom (T-Mobile)
• Use 12 digit number, leading 0
• Use 11 digit number
• Use leading 0
Orangesearch ongoingFrance
• Difficulties reported
Virgin Mobilesearch ongoingFrance
Freesearch ongoingFrance
1010csl1010.comHong Kong Kong
Broadwaysearch ongoingHong Kong
Fortresssearch ongoingHong Kong
one2freesearch ongoingHong Kong
SmarTonesearch ongoingHong Kong
Wilson Communicationssearch ongoingHong Kong
• Note username is used, not phone number
MobilyGateway not offeredSaudi Arabia
STCSupport did not respondSaudi Arabia

11 responses

  1. I have contacted customer support at both of these companies and hope to have the information soon.

  2. The support team at STC have not responded to my requests for information. If you have an account with them, perhaps you’ll have better luck. If you find their gateway address, I’d appreciate a comment here so I can update the article. Thanks!

  3. i haven’t been successful at sending email to sms on Vodafone Australia through the gateway
    thanks for all the work anyway

  4. Further research shows that the gateway should be Please let me know if this works for you. Thanks!

  5. My apologies, that entry was made based on anecdotal research. I have confirmed with Vodafone AU that they do not offer an email to SMS gateway and updated the table. You may wish to register a complaint with their customer service team and/or switch to a carrier that does offer a gateway if this service is important to your workflows.

  6. Hello Styve,

    I have not been able to verify this as yet, but you may try these.


    Please let me know if they work.
    The Mac Admin

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